• Water Damage

  • furniture cleaning markhamIf your home has been damaged due to leaking or broken pipes it is vital you get rid of the water as soon as possible because if you don’t the water will start to soak deeper into the material making the drying process difficult and eventually leading to greater damage to your home. This can lead to the buildup of fungus which is hazardous to you and your family and can also warp wooden material.

    Whether it is hardwood, carpet, linoleum tile or a different flooring variety, we are expert water removal specialists and will make sure the area is totally dry and safe. We will use a range of techniques to clean water damage like sanitizing, odor removal and leaving the damage area smelling like new.

    Out service includes antibacterial and antimicrobial treatments to stop the buildup of bacteria and mould that exist in damp areas. If you have water damage, call us today for fast service.