• FAQs

    Is It Important To Clean Your Carpets Regularly?

    Homeowners think that their carpet and furniture are clean because they look clean. However, over time, even the most clean looking carpets and upholstery soil evenly and lose their unique gleam and collect dust and soil below the surface where regular vacuuming cannot reach. To increase the life of your carpets, carpets manufacturers advise you have them cleaned every 12 to 18 months before you may be aware that they are dirty.

    Are There Differences Between Carpet Cleaning Techniques?

    A lot of carpets cleaning methods are intended to be quick and economical and to create them extra profit while leaving carpets that just look good on the surface and quickly become dirty again. The ‘Thermo-Rinse’ deep cleaning hot water removal carpet cleaning technique that we employ at ‘Carpet Cleaning Markham’ is designed to give the deepest cleaning and leave the newly cleaned carpets soil free and looking great.

    Do You Offer Free Estimates?

    Yes we do. Please contact us on (289) 301-0919 or email us at info@carpet-cleaning-markham.ca to book your appointment. We can provide evening or weekend appointments for your convenience.