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    This is a city inside the Provincial Borough of York located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) of South Ontario. It is situated about 19 miles (30km) northeast of Toronto. Markham is also the fourth most populated community inside the Greater Toronto Area behind Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

    It is also Canada's 16th biggest city. Markham altered its standing from town to city on 1 July, 2012.

    The city is named after the first Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, who called the city after, William Markham. The first European settlers in Markham happened when William Berczy led about 64 German families to North America. They wanted to settle in New York but disputes over finances and land made Berczy negotiate with Simcoe for 64,000 acres of land in Markham in 1794. 

    A trend to a more urban community inside the township started after the second world war when the township started to realise the effects of urban intrusion from Toronto.

    Markham includes 6 main communities that include Berczy Village, Markham Village, Cornwell, Milliken, Thornhill and Unionville. From the 1980’s, the city has been known as a suburb of Toronto. A lot of companies have head offices situated in Markham. An Ontario Plaque was put up in front of the Markham Museum by the province to celebrate the formation of Markham's role in the heritage of Ontario.

    The town council decided on 29 May, 2012 to change Markham's name from town to city. However, some residents protested to the change because it will incur unknown charges without any proven benefits.  

    Markham has the same weather as Toronto. On average Markham is normally 1–2 °C cooler compared to downtown Toronto. It has a humid climate and has warm, humid summers with substantial rainfall happening from May to October and cold snow filed winters. The hottest temperature logged was 37.8 °C on 8 August 2001, and the coldest temperature logged was −35.2 °C on 16 January 1994.

    The city council is situated at the Markham Civic Centre at the juncture of York Regional Road Seven and Warden Avenue. The location of the former offices on Woodbine Avenue has been renovated for commercial usages. The famous town hall on Main Street is now a reinstated office building. The Mayor's Youth Task Force was formed to debate problems facing young people in the city and to design and publish events. Its main idea is to inspire youth involvement within the community.

    The city is allowed to form and enforce by-laws to the people on numerous matters that affect the town. The by-laws are usually enforced by City By-Law enforcement officers but they can include York Regional Police if violations are considered too dangerous for the officers to deal with. Additionally, the by-laws may be related to numerous provincial acts and enforced by the town. Violation of by-laws will attract fines of up to $20,000.


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